Terms & Conditions

Postal King, Mail Receiving Service Agreement
It is imperative that the number of your mail box appear on all mail addressed to you. Any mail received without the proper address is subject to return by the United State Postal Service and will be sorted and put up last. Customer is responsible for notifying correspondents of the above address. Mailboxes are for the sole use of the registered business or individual(s). Subleasing of your box to others is expressly prohibited. A maximum of one (1) business and two (2) individuals may be listed for each box, all of whom must execute a USPS form 1583 and produce two (2) forms of acceptable identification. Mail arriving for non-registered businesses or individuals will be refused.
Keys for boxes will be issued upon payment of $5.00 deposit for each key, including those initially issued. When mailbox is closed, Postal King will repurchase a maximum of two (2) mailbox keys. Key deposit will be forfeited if mailbox rental is not current at time of surrender. Customer further agrees that possession of a key for the box is valid evidence that possessor is authorized to remove items from mailbox and pickup items at counter with notices posted to mailbox without further proof of identification. Prior arrangements may be made for automatic pickup of certified or registered mail. A notice will be placed in customer’s mailbox for all certified, registered, insured or COD items, as well as parcels received through any carrier in which an attendant was required to sign, which in turn must be signed by mailbox holder or their designee at the service counter. Customers who have COD parcels must leave a check or money order with attendant prior to Postal King
accepting these shipments. Under no conditions will Postal King pay for a COD without receiving payment from mailbox customer first. Postal King reserves the right to limit the size and numbers of parcels a customer may receive without incurring extra charges. Postal King also
reserves the right to move a customer to a larger box if mail volume consistently overflows the box size currently rented. Postal King shall not be liable for any losses resulting from overnight break-ins. Mailbox customers will leave parcels at Postal King overnight at their own risk.
A notice for rent due will be placed in your mailbox on the 1st business day of each month. Payment is due by the 15th of each month. Payments made after the 15th of each month will incur a late fee of $3.00 or 1.5% of the unpaid balance, whichever is greater. If payment is not received by the following 1st business day then the mailbox will be placed on “hold” and mail will be withheld until remittance is made. If mailbox account is not brought up to date within 15 days of box being placed on hold, then the mailbox will be considered abandoned and all mail destroyed. No refunds are issued for pre-paid mailbox rental.
The US Postal Service will accept a change of address from your current address to your address shown above. Postal regulations will NOT permit the US Postal Service to accept a change of address from your address at Postal King to another address. Mail forwarding service is available for a monthly fee of $20, plus $5 per forwarding act, plus postage paid in advance. Postal King will only forward mail for a maximum of six (6) months and only if all forwarding fees have been paid in advance. Mail customers receiving mail longer than 180 days will be required to re-rent their box until mail stops arriving. Mail customers having mail forwarded will not be permitted to pick up their mail at the service counter. Customer must select option A. or B. under the Termination Addendum below. If the box is closed for any reason and customer fails to select an option, then option B. will be selected by default. Should Postal King commit or fail to commit any act that results in disruption of service and Customer thereby suffers a loss, Postal King’s liability shall be limited to not more than the rental fees paid by applicant for service not yet received. Postal King shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages.
Abandonment: Unless prior arrangements have been made, mailboxes will be considered abandoned if A) mail in the box has a postmark older than 30 days or B) rent has not been paid within 30 days of the due date. Customer agrees that mailboxes considered abandoned will be closed and all mail destroyed. Customer agrees that Postal King’s facilities shall not be used for any purpose prohibited by the US Postal Service, Federal, State, County or City laws, codes or regulations. Customer further agrees that any violation of these statutes, misconduct, or use of abusive language on the premises shall be cause for immediate cancellation of this agreement, mailbox closure, cancellation of agency agreement, restriction from premises and forfeiture of any prepaid mailbox rent. Postal King is irrevocably directed by Customer to not provide mail forwarding service to Customer if mailbox has been closed under the conditions cited in this paragraph.
I agree to the above listed terms and conditions:
Printed Name ___________________________________________ Date__________________________________________________
Company Name__________________________________________
Signature ______________________________________________
At termination of service, I hereby instruct Postal King as follows:
 A. Forward my mail to my new address. In consideration thereof, I agree to pay $20 per month for a maximum of six (6) months as well as $ 5 per
forwarding act plus postage. I also leave $ _______ deposit to be used for the application of new postage/forwarding fees.
Forward  all my mail or first class mail;  weekly  bi-weekly  monthly  when notified to: